Newmont Farm was founded in 1987 by Walter and Margaret Gladstone. The farm is currently owned by Walter, Margaret and their oldest son, Will Gladstone and their youngest son, Matt Gladstone. Currently, the farm employs twenty three full time people along with seasonal pumpkin pickers.

We take pride in producing high quality pumpkins, grown in the Connecticut River Valley. This year we planted about 200 acres of pumpkins. Our New England growing conditions typically provide warm fall days and cool nights which aid in the size, strength, vibrant color and long storage life of our pumpkins. We spend lots of time researching the varieties and making sure we are growing the best variety for our consumers.

At our Fairlee, Vermont farm, we care for our 1550 Holstein cows and 1250 heifers. We grow about 1000 acres of corn and 800 acres of grass to feed our animals.

We are here to answer any questions you may have! We will also assist you with any wholesale order, regardless of the order size! Let us help you have a successful fall season!

Contact us today @ 802-222-9232 to schedule a tour!

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We are proud members of Agri-Mark, makers of the world's famous Cabot cheese!

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