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At Newmont Farm, our goal is to raise the highest quality pumpkins. We grow 200 acres of wholesale pumpkins that are sold throughout the New England region. A variety of hybrids are grown to fill the needs of our buyers. We begin harvest in early September and continue through mid October. We offer in field pick-up or delivery.

Please contact us with any question regarding what we have for sale this year!!


Over the past couple of years we have been trying new methods of planting our pumpkins.  We have been planting them into killed rye, which was planted the previous fall.  We take a cut of the rye off in the spring, then kill the rye so it leaves a bed for the pumpkins to grow on.  The pumpkins grown are cleaner by providing them a clean bed to grow on and there is less weed pressure.

pumpkin planting
pumpkin variety


This year we have planted a few different varieties of pumpkins that will range in size from 3-6 lbs for pie pumpkins and 15-45 lbs for carving pumpkins.


Our pumpkins, unless being delivered by pickup truck load, are packaged in 36" graphic cardboard bins.  When loaded in a box trailer the bottom bins are level full with the top bins rounded as high as possible.  The amount of pumpkins per bin depends on the size of the pumpkin.

loading wholesale pumpkins

We offer three methods for receiving your pumpkins.  We can ship them in a 53' trailer load, with deliveries beginning around the beginning of September.  We will ship 1/2 loads if necessary.  We also offer smaller delivery loads by flat bed trailer or in the back of a pickup truck.  You may also come to the fields to pick up your pumpkins.  We ask that you get an empty weight at the dairy farm location before arriving at the field.


Call for current pricing!

All orders can be placed with
Walt and/or Margaret at
802-222-9232 or 802-522-9603

pumpkins new england
Checking pumpkin
pumpkins wholesale
wholesal pumpkins new hampshire
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